Find Holiday Dates In Just A Few Clicks Of The Mouse!

24It’s easy to find holiday dates today, thanks to certain websites that deal exclusively with upcoming holidays. You’d be surprised to know that almost every other day, people in some part of the world are celebrating a holiday! What a great feeling to know that our earth is constantly in the festive spirit! As you plan your New Year’s resolutions this year, perhaps one these resolutions should be to put aside some time to make a list of upcoming holiday dates so that you can better plan your celebrations and vacations.

Many holidays have a different date every year, or at the very least are celebrated on a different day of the week. If you find holiday dates in advance, you can schedule your business trips, family vacations and social gatherings accordingly. How Many Holidays Do You Know About? It is common for people to know the national holidays of the countries they live in. However, religious holidays or the national holidays of other countries are often overlooked. For example, do you know about the Muslim holidays in 2011 or the Australian holidays in 2011? Do you know much about the upcoming Chinese New Year 2011 and its traditions? Do you know when Valentines Day 2011 will be? If not, you need a website that helps you find holiday dates. These websites enable you to make searches under different categories. For example, you can find the national holidays of different countries, important festivals and the most celebrated days of different religions, and other days that are worthy of a worldwide celebration such as Earth Day 2011.

With these sites, no matter where you are located on the globe, you can learn when and what the rest of the world is celebrating. Isn’t this great? Some of these websites even allow you to receive email reminders so that you will never forget an important upcoming day, such as Mother’s Day 2011. Every religion has a long list of holidays. Most of the festive occasions are marked with annual traditions and rituals. In this age of increasing globalization, we should take some time to learn about some of the most important days of others. Every day has a history or a tale to tell. As we celebrate upcoming days such as Easter 2011, Halloween 2011, Mardi Gras 2011, and Mother’s Day 2011, we owe it to ourselves to learn the story behind these holidays.

Also, not all of the world’s countries and religions follow the western calendar; some religions, such as Judaism, have their own calendar. When you visit websites that allow you to find holiday dates, you also get a chance to learn about the interesting traditions and legendary tales behind all of the world’s holidays. When Is The End Of The World? One of the most searched for dates is Nostradamus 2012. People are crazy about this day. It has been said that the world will end on December 21, 2012. This prediction was made by Nostradamus, who was a French apothecary. He made many predictions in the 1500s. An interesting fact is that most of his predictions have come true so far! December 21, 2012, is also the date that marks the end of the Mayan calendar that extended over 5,125 years. Some people are even making special preparations, such as building underground houses stocked with food and water in the event that a great disaster occurs on Nostradamus 2012.

What is the Deal with Daylight Savings Anyways? Yet another important and intriguing event that will occur is daylight savings 2011. It commences from the second Sunday of the month of March and concludes on the first Sunday of the month of November. When this begins, people move the clock one hour forward (from 2am standard time, they move it forward to 3 am). When it ends, people move the clock one hour back (from 2am standard time, they move it back to 1 am). This process often confuses people, and they have to look online for exact instructions on when and how to set their clocks to account for daylight savings. Whether you wish to get a list of Jewish holidays in 2011 or Canadian holidays in 2011 or find the date of Memorial Day 2011, you can easily find this information on websites that help you find holiday dates. You may know about Christmas 2011 or the fourth of July 2011, but do you know about anything about earth day 2011 or on which Sunday is the upcoming father’s day 2011? With the growing number of helpful websites on the World Wide Web, you can now get a complete list of American holidays 2011 and other important dates in the world with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Give Your Loved One The Perfect Presentan All Inclusive Holiday!

Promenade and lighthouse, Faro de Maspalomas, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, EuropeHave you decided on a gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day? If you chose to give your partner one of the many all inclusive holidays as a present you can never go wrong! This exclusive opportunity will not only be taken as a token of your love and consideration, but will also benefit you and spice up your romantic life.If you did not have the time to look at some of the great holidays on the all inclusive vacation market, there is no need to worry.

Valentines Day is not the only opportunity you will have to pleasantly surprise your other half. In fact most of the time presents from the heart, that are made out of the blue are even more appreciated, because they are proof you do not need a reason to please your partner.

When it comes to presents, there comes a time when one feels he has run out of ideas, or is searching for that unusual gift that is going to remain as a great memory for his loved one. Bags, shoes, suits, and jewellery are great, but they are things, not memories. Memories are created while travelling or vacationing. This is why surprising your loved one with an all inclusive holiday is such an amazing idea. Not only the element of surprise is present, but the relief that no further planning is needed – everything is already planned and the only thing a person has to do is enjoy and relax.

These types of vacations are ideal if you want to focus on each other, since there is no need to be preoccupied with your vacationing budget all the time and searching for new places to visit while taking this much needed break. Everything you need is right there – in your holiday resort, included in the package you already paid for.

There are even various types of activities organized and couples feel like they are in some kind of paradise. And a paradise it is, especially considering the mesmerizing places the resorts are situated in – turquoise blue waters, ocean waves splashing, moonlight and sandy beaches. It is a much needed escape from reality and you can easily fulfil your partners secret wishes for that escape by getting a holiday like this. All inclusive holidays resorts offer a number of restaurants from gourmet food to regular burgers, bars, cocktails, all included in the price, astonishing pool areas, dancing, event trips to historical places while drinks are being be served on the bus!

Going on one of the many all inclusive holidays can turn your romantic life around, make it more exciting, vigorous and full of great memories while at the same time the two of you are diving into total relaxation.

Adventure Holidays Exploring Your Options

22If you want to enjoy an adventure, it doesn’t have to be relegated to the jungles of Africa. There are many more options available now and you can’t do better than making the most of them. Activity and adventure holidays offer you an exciting prospect, away from the hotel and resort vacations you are used to. They are the perfect antidote to the monotony of everyday life. Pack your bags and take your family along on a trip that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Here are some of the best options for you.


Climbing is a fun activity to undertake. It is the perfect choice for people who like being challenged physically and mentally. The thrill and excitement of climbing rocks and mountains make a climbing holiday very memorable. There is a drawback to it that you have to be in good physical condition. Plus, it is a challenging activity that involves a lot of risk if not done properly.


Painting is a favourite activity for some people while some people may reject the idea of painting holidays right away. This is a specialist holiday package intended for people who want to hone their painting skills. Training is provided for painters of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. It is a great way to interact with nature and enhance your painting quality. Painting holidays are considerably expensive as compared to the other activity holidays.


Walking or trekking is by far the most popular activity chosen by people for activity holidays. Walking through entire countries from coast to coast is a great way to improve health and explore the landscape. It is also a great activity for people looking to enjoy a holiday on a budget. With little cost of fuel, ramblers’ holidays are affordable and within reach of almost all income groups. Ramblers’ holidays can be enjoyed on your own as well as being a part of a group.


Cycling is another great idea to enjoy on an activity holiday. Cycling is a wonderful way to explore new places and enjoy new experiences. Many European countries have developed special tracks where cyclists can bike their way around the country without having to get in the traffic’s way. Cycling is also a healthy activity and would have a wonderful effect on your health in the long run. Add to that the cost effectiveness and you are left with a great option for an activity holiday.

These are some of the options you have for choosing an activity holiday. With the wide range of ideas available to you, it is imperative that you think carefully and decide which activity is going to suit you the most.

Your Holiday is Incomplete Without Your Dog!

21For those of you with a dog at home, going on holiday is not complete unless you take your four legged friend along with you. There are several dog friendly holidays available in UK these days – with plenty of holiday cottages and activities for both you and your dog. This way, you and your beloved pet will feel right at home during your holiday. A holiday is incomplete without your dog; therefore taking along your pet is a must!

The county of Devon is perfect for those looking for a dog friendly holiday. Devon has several attractions and activities for the whole family to be entertained. From the coast to the countryside there is something to appeal to everyone, including your dog! Imagine going for walks on the beach or the countryside with your pet, and enjoying evenings with the entire family. There are several types of accommodation options in Devon which cater to those who wish to bring their dog along on holiday. From hotels to holiday cottages and caravans to holiday parks there is something for all dog lovers in Devon. Here are some of the best holiday cottages in Devon offering dog friendly holidays:

Barnabas House, Dartmouth: This guesthouse is located in a commanding position and offers four floors of rooms. It is within walking distance of the town and nearby attractions such as art galleries, museums, pubs and restaurants.

Rose Cottage, Dartmouth: This is a three storey cottage which is an ideal base for those looking for a central location in Dartmouth. It is close to St Saviours Church and just a few minutes walk to the centre of Dartmouth.

Grants Cottage, Dartmouth: This property is located a few minutes from the centre of Dartmouth, in close vicinity to shops, restaurants, pubs and galleries. It has a conservatory which is perfect for family barbeques.

The Stables, Dittisham: This property is set outside the rural hamlet of Capton and is a converted stone barn. It has terraces and gardens and is an ideal base for those looking to explore Dartmouth and the South Hams.

Kestrel Cottage, Near Dartmouth: This is part of the stunning new property development – Dartmouth Green – that is adjacent to the Dartmouth Golf and Country Club. Facilities of Dartmouth Green include indoor leisure pool, sauna, steam room as well as green fees for golfing.

Throw Yourself in Culture for your Holiday

20Holidays in Goa are unlike a holiday in any other states of India, apart from the beautiful beach and hazardous activity of barracuda diving, Goa holidays are ethnic and historic too. Holidays to Goais not just for the particular newlyweds, they are for young families or an excursion to learn about the history of India. It is a special place to be when you wish your days to be exciting and educational.

The Portuguese ruled Goa for four centuries, resulting in unique architectures, history and cuisine different from other parts of India. Goa holidays aren’t only concerning the beach and also barracuda diving, it is about experiencing how people with different can reside in harmony and peacefully. Goans certainly are a happy person who loves dancing, singing, dramas and also festival; you can be involved in Shigmo during February or March, a festival of Holi. Other main festivals are Christian specific holidays for instance Easter and Thanksgiving along with traditional Hindu holidays. If you adore festivals and carnivals, then holidays to Goa is a must during these special times.

For the particular avid foodie, Goa cuisine involves a lot of season, being near the beach. Holidays in Goa could be spent trying several types of cooking of fish, shellfish or crabs. Due in order to its history, the food has impact of Portuguese and Indian traditions. Those who fear so much hot and spicy food will have the choice to pick a milder edition. Like all Asian countries, traveller’s diarrhoea is actually rife due to spiciness and the lack of cleanliness during food preparation. Make your holidays to Goa as safe as can be with appropriate precautions such as vaccinations and avoiding unhygienic places to eat.

Apart from unique buildings, rich history, special cuisine and endless forms of entertainment, Goa also offers a a lot more peaceful or quieter option for individuals who want it. The beaches are beautiful, the sand is fine and the places are relaxing for people who want a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. Fall asleep listening to the waves or waking up to a gentle breeze inside a nice chalet or night fishing for fresh fish for dinner. You can have a peaceful holiday or opt for more pleasure inland.

There is something for all who would like to go to Goa. It has everything at a fraction with the cost compared to other tourist destinations. Learn about the place, enjoy the food and drama, and twirl about amongst revellers in festivals. The place is your oyster when you are in Goa.

Planning Your First Cycling Holiday

19Cycling holidays are not just for athletes and cycling enthusiasts. Anyone who wants to have a good time, riding through a country on a bike can enjoy a cycling holiday.

There are no restrictions or age limits. Moreover, cycling as an activity provides a healthier option for you as compared to staying at a hotel or resort on your holiday. If you are interested in a biking holiday, here are some tips to help you plan your trip.


Planning involves taking care of a number of things you are going to need on your trip.

  • First and foremost, you have to decide whether you want a guided or a self-guided cycling trip. The tour company will make all the arrangements for you if you are going on a guided holiday, but if you choose the other option you will have to arrange everything. This means you have to arrange the transportation, accommodation, meals and the routes you will follow.
  • Secondly, you have to decide whether you want to take a bike or you are going to get one after reaching your destination. You need a sturdy bike for a cycling holiday because you are going to do a lot of cycling. It is better to take a bike with you, having checked it before you leave for any problems.
  • Plan the routes such that the weakest biker in your group is able to complete the daily legs easily. If you plan legs that are too long, you won’t have enough time to stop and enjoy the scenery around you. Besides you are going to exhaust yourself by doing so.


There is some preparation required for cycling holidays on your part.

  • Cycle daily for a week or so before your trip. If you are going to get off your office chair and on to the bike for the trip, you won’t be able to cycle for long distances. Your body would be fatigued and the long distances would have to be cut short.
  • Packing is an important part of your preparation. Don’t pack more than 10 to 15 kg of items because you would have to carry them with you. Do not pack a rucksack. Biking with a rucksack on your bag can cause back pain and injury.
  • Keep rain clothes in case you encounter bad weather on your trip. It can rain without warning in most parts of Europe so you have to be prepared for rainy days. Having rain clothes will ensure that you don’t suffer any illness because of getting wet.

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